Boat Tours Amsterdam 


Join us for a canal tour and enjoy the amazing lights of Amsterdam

At this time of year, Amsterdam from the water is especially beautiful. The lights are magical and all over the city are light sculptures, which enhance the amazing atmosphere of the city. 

We provide unforgettable experiences on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. And ensure that you will have a great time exploring the city from the water. We offer a range of tour options to suit your preferences and provide a unique perspective of Amsterdam's iconic landmarks and hidden gems. You will leave with everlasting memories.

Join us for a unique experience that combines the charm of Amsterdam's iconic canals. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and join us for an unforgettable journey through Amsterdam's canals.

Off the beaten track.

Amsterdam is more then the canals around the city centre, we will show you great places off the beaten track.

Experience the beauty and charm of Amsterdam with our boat tours. Discover hidden gems and iconic landmarks along the picturesque canals.

We offer 360 degrees photo opportunities.

View from the canals

Shared Cruises or Private Cruise

Shared Cruise à € 25,-- per person per hour.
You will share the boat with other guests.

When you want a private tour, please contact us, we'll go over the options together.

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You can leave a message below, or call us. By phone we are available from 10 am till 11 pm (Amsterdam time)